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Daily Bull 10.24.16: Now what?

Now we just keep playing good football

NCAA Football: Texas A&M at Alabama John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

Well, that didn’t go exactly as planned. For us. Probably not for Saban, either, as I’m sure he was kept awake by the overall pedestrian nature of the dominance they exerted over us on Saturday. They made it look easy, but not that easy, and it wasn’t really out of reach until that one moment at the end of the third quarter when—-well, you know the one. You know exactly the one. It was trademark Bama and it troweled the last brick into place on our suffocating tomb of eager optimism.

But this season’s far from over. We face two really good teams from our division who put on a hell of a slugfest on Saturday night, and we’ve got both of them at home and a pretty good shot at beating them. We sort of ease back into things this week with a home game against the Hatch Pepper Aggies, then we hit the road for Starkville to take on the struggling Mullens. November 12th, Ole Miss at home with, well, possibly second place in the SEC West on the line? Kinda big deal. Let’s take care of business and stay healthy over the next couple weeks and we’ll be raring to go again on the big stage.

This is a team that ultimately got bested on Saturday, but it’s not a team that gave up. There’s still a whole hell of a lot to play for. These guys aren’t done.