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Daily Bull 10.18.16: the business model of Big 12 expansion

Serious business, y’all

NCAA Football: Iowa State at Baylor Ray Carlin-USA TODAY Sports

Tuesday. Four days out and the Internet circus has begun warming up:

AL DOT COM: Texas A&M’s defensive pash rush is the closest earthly resemblance to the Alabama defense. (BONUS: contains words like “facsimile” and “institutional knowledge.”) SERIOUS business here y’all.

TIM BRANDO, HATER OF HATERS, DISAGREES: The Shreveport Stallion believes that LSU has the better chance at beating Bama this year, not the Ags. Because LSU is still more SEC-y, you see.

BREAKIN’ IT RIGHT ON DOWN. Ah, you have to love transitivity in college football. I once traced Rhode Island to the national championship in ‘08 or ‘09 due to head-to-head matchups. That’s why it’s great that this preview decides to go here.

Number to know: 39

Alabama beat Tennessee by 39 points. Texas A&M beat the Vols, but the game went to double overtime before the Aggies pulled out a 45-38 win.

Well, there you have it. No need to play the game. Certainly the exhaustive beating A&M applied to the Tennessee team or the dispiriting effect of no longer being undefeated had nothing to do with their uninspired performance against Bama. No, it’s all strictly maths.


Hmm, let’s see. Wasting a bunch of money on travel when this could have easily been done via video conference or, I don’t CHECK

Gathering a bunch of self-important suits together to validate their own self-importance? CHECK

Ultimately wasting everyone’s time and money and using a bunch of big words to accomplish exactly no results? CHECK

And they say college football isn’t a business. Well, I say it’s modeled itself after corporate America pretty well indeed here.

Have a more productive Tuesday than the Big 12 Conference.