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Scattershooting Week 8

Is it time to fade Washington, does Coach Kliff have a fallback option, and which college football helmet is the most iconic.

Just a beautiful helmet.
Just a beautiful helmet.
Ed Mulholland-USA TODAY Sports

Scattershooting while wondering whatever happened to Ron Dayne...

  • We are officially halfway through the regular season now.  We spend 8 long months waiting for this crazy wonderful sport to start again, and once it does, it seems to fly by so damn quick.  A&M fans couldn't ask for anything more right now. Undefeated and playing in the national spotlight game versus #1 Alabama.  For the first time ever, A&M will be featured on College Gameday for the second time in the same season.  I love this team.  They are a joy to watch on Saturdays.  Get together with friends, cook out, drink, laugh, cry, yell, and soak it all in.  Enjoy. The. Ride.
  • We're about to find out if the DACOACHO version of LSU really is that much better.  Ole Miss, Alabama, at Arkansas, Florida, and at A&M.  They've got a bye week mixed in before the Bama game, but that is a damn five game torture test right there.  As of right now, LSU has wins over an FCS team, and three FBS teams with a combined record of 8-9.  Honestly, a 1-4 record through this stretch wouldn't shock me.
  • If Kliff gets shit-canned out at Tech, I'd say it's 50-50 he ends up in a Backstreet Boys tribute group.
  • This week in Crappy-MS-Paint
  • I'll go ahead and let you know that Washington isn't running the table in the Pac-12.  The back half of their schedule features a little more challenge.  Their first six opponents have a current record of 14-23.  The last six opponents have a current record of 22-11.  With them sitting in the top 5 and garnering more public money, it may be time to start grabbing the points each week vs U-Dub.
  • It's still early but I'm starting to get excited for the Army-Navy game.  This might be the year the Black Knights can finally break the 14 year losing streak.
  • When I was at A&M we didn't have hype videos to watch on the internet.  To get ready for a big game my roommate would just drink a fifth of Southern Comfort and yell in my ear.