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Daily Bull 10.14.16

Tennessee v Texas A&M Photo by Scott Halleran/Getty Images


Gives me an idea - on a really hot, terrible day in August, I’m going to create a Festivus Open Thread on GBH where we can all air our grievances. By the next day, GBH will have been burnt to the ground. For the best, tbh.

LSU vs. FLORIDA FOUND A DATE HERE’S WHY IT MATTERS TO YOU AND YOUR CHILDREN’S VACCINATIONS. Sorry, trying to write a Vox lede. Anyway, the Tigers and Gators finally figured out a way to play their cancelled game from last weekend. They’ll squared off on November 19th in Baton Rouge. There’s a feather in your cap, LSU.

Tradition has always dictated that SEC teams beat the ever living piss out of special needs teams on the third weekend of November. It’s a breather before rivalry week and a (futile) opportunity for coaches to save their jobs. No matter now for the Tigers and Gators. Ed Orgeron now gets to play another top team in an effort to steal this job. As it’s currently scheduled, LSU will only get a few days rest before Thanksgiving in College Station. This is very good for A&M. Sumlin really needs to get LSU off his back and hopefully this game has massive implications.

Don’t be surprised if LSU asks the A&M brass to move the game to Saturday. Don’t be surprised if A&M politely says “no thank you, and it’s rude to reschedule Thanksgiving.”

YOU’RE DAMN RIGHT WE KNOW WHO’S NEXT. One of the more annoying parts of sports is when we get the platitudes of “we’re just treating it like another game.” Everyone knows Alabama is different. I’m GLAD our guys aren’t treating this like just another game. I hope they watch tomorrow’s Tide-Vols game and are JACKED to take their shot.

WELL WELL MR. NO FLY ZONE. Justin Evans was declared the Midseason Defensive Player of the Year by Pretty amazing. Evans has elevated his play to such a level that he’s being discussed as a first round pick in the 2017 NFL Draft. That’s no joke for a safety. I love Justin Evans. He scares the shit out of me because 1) I can feel his trash talking through the TV and 2) I always think he’s on the cusp of a 15 yard unsportsmanlike penalty. To clarify: this is EXACTLY what you want in a safety.

YOU DO YOU CRAZY PRINCE. Cullen Gillaspia is a wild man and is a perfect fit for this 2016 Aggie football team. He’s also making huge plays and riling up the crowd like a WWF legend.

Enjoy the Bye Week, kiddies. Hugs.