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Daily Bull 10.12.16 - Johnny, Be Good

Is Manziel getting another shot at the NFL?

NFL: Cleveland Browns at Kansas City Chiefs Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

ACCORDING TO WILL SMITH IT'S A DELIGHTFUL TOWN Rumors have been swelling for a week now that the Miami Dolohins' disillusionment with Ryan Tannehill has them considering another former A&M quarterback. While Miami may not be the ideal city for him, I do hope that he is given a chance to show that he is a changed man. Gig 'em, Johnathan.

IT WAS A COMPLIMENT, YOU SEE Kirk Herbstriet went on 104.9 in Austin this morning to clear the air after his comments about the Longhorn program on Gameday this weekend. He clarified that while he stands by the overall message, some of the language he used to describe the Longhorns was the result of being a bit caught up in the atmosphere and local crowd. Cesspool was the name of his dog, and he loved that dog.

Imminent baby arrival means no #WednesdayTrendsday today, but for your own delicious amusement ponder the fact that since 2010 the Longhorns are 43-38 overall, and below .500 (27-28) in conference play.

Enjoy your Wednesday everyone.