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The game-clinching reaction at Kyle Field from an entirely new perspective

A camera was rolling on Holleman Drive, and the results are awesome

NCAA Football: Tennessee at Texas A&M Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Kyle Field was incredibly loud this Saturday, particularly during the big moments. That’s not exactly groundbreaking news, and it certainly isn’t worth the $9.99 per month we charge.

Editor’s note: disregard that

We did, however, get a really cool look at a huge Kyle Field moment from waaaaaay out in the distance... and it’s awesome.

Based on what we’ve seen on social media, this appears to have been shot somewhere around the intersection of Jones-Butler and Holleman Drive.

That’s a solid three minute drive (without traffic - ha!) and a healthy 27 minute walk. And it’s slightly over a mile away from the stadium.

What a cool moment, and what a cool idea by the cameraman. Kudos.