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Daily Bull 10.10.16: 6-0 and it feels pretty good

Enjoy it. Take the week off.

Tennessee v Texas A&M Photo by Scott Halleran/Getty Images

Morning. Has everyone recovered from Saturday yet? Yeah, neither have we. That was five hours of sitting on nails, and it ran the full gamut of pure football emotion: exhilaration, exasperation, and everything in between. We all deserve this bye week.

We talked about it a lot in the week leading up to the game: how this was a “different” 5-0. That there was something about this team that the ‘14 and ‘15 teams lacked: a certain toughness and much better chemistry. Our pal Sam Khan writes about it here. Would last year’s team or the one before have been able to weather all the storms Tennessee threw at us? Doubtful. These guys are playing great football because they’re playing for each other. It’s a treat to enjoy.

This was a huge weekend: we were on the biggest stage in college football, and for the first time in a long time we made the most of it. The team overcame its own mistakes. The GameDay Curse was broken. The Washington Post did a full feature on Midnight Yell, of which they seem to be in awe. Loads of recruits were there to see what Kyle Field is like when 106,000 people watch a double-overtime top-ten matchup of undefeateds. This time we finally did what we were supposed to do, and it feels good. Enjoy the bye week.