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Daily Bull 1.7.16. Let's meet Noel Mazzone.

"I can tell by her lips she's got fucked up teeth
She's got a banged up grill like she just hit a deer
In a while she'll go down in a tent with a bloke
You know what they say about girls who smoke"
- Drive-by Truckers

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

CCC Cold Weather

WELCOME ABOARD, OFFICER MAZZONE. Look at that man in the picture. We ditched the delicate, young pup cop for the seasoned, GRITTY cop that ain't going to take no shit from no one.

That's right, gang. Noel Mazzone is the new Texas A&M football offensive coordinator. Let's hope he's the Messiah of offensive line play.

Naturally, Ags are bitching. Evidently the #industry pay sites (lulz) were floating confirmations that TCU's Meacham was a done deal. The $9.99/month lackeys were wrong, and Sumlin poached Noel from a manger in the quaint, forgettable town of Bethlehem Los Angeles. Aggies are pissed because we didn't offer $15mm per year to some unicorn coach that had no interest in coming to College Station. Makes sense.

None of us know how this will all work out with Sumlin and Mazzone. Here's what we do know - Chavis was the biggest hire in Sumlin's career until today. Now it's Mazzone. Right or wrong, Sumlin knows that his seat is starting to simmer. And believe it or not, Sumlin cares a fuck ton more about his offense than you or I do. That's his identity. His baby. It's his ticket to achieving the lofty goals he's set for himself and Texas A&M. This is it in many ways. Sumlin and Mazzone will either thrive or flounder together in College Station. I still trust Coach Sumlin.

Also, what do you really know about Noel Mazzone? Some anonymous UCLA fan in the comments told you they don't like him? Here's what he's really about:

  • Mazzone has coached in the NFL, ACC, B1G, the SEC, and the Pac-12
  • In 2015, UCLA set a school record for 500+ yard games with six
  • He led a true frosh quarterback to the Pac-12 Offensive Freshman of the Year.
  • Said freshman ranked among the nation's top 25 passers in completions per game, passing yards, and passing yards per game.
  • More on said freshman - he went 245 passing attempts without an interception. I know that's a serious testament to Josh Rosen, but that's also damn good coaching and game planning. A&M has gotten killed in SEC West play largely because of backbreaking turnovers. See: Alabama 2015, Auburn 2015, and countless others. Discipline. I cannot stress this enough. That is doing the little things right.
  • Offensive skill players from multiple QBs to WRs to RBs set major school records in Mazzone's offense.
  • He's coached quarterbacks Philip Rivers, Brock Osweiler, Brett Hundley, and Jason Campbell. He coached running backs Steven Jackson and Deuce McAllister. Heard of any of these guys? "I can turn you into an All-Pro NFL player" ain't a horrible sales pitch for blue chip croots and current players who need to buy in.

I'm choosing to be very optimistic of this hire. The culture of the offense in 2015 was deplorable. There was zero trust. Buy-in was non-existent. We had a lot of pomp and flash that was only out for themselves. Here's hoping a man who has coached at the very highest levels since before I was born can unify the insanely talented pieces of the A&M roster and help us take the next step towards a trip to Atlanta. Welcome to Aggieland, Noel.

Also: the basketball team won at The Hump last night. Whoop, fellas.