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Texas A&M Athletic Director gives Kevin Sumlin a Vote of Confidence

Eric Hyman answered a series of questions about the direction of the Aggie Football program.

Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

In an interview with DMN SportsDay, Texas A&M Athletic Director Eric Hyman addressed concerns about the future of head coach Kevin Sumlin. You can read the entire interview on the SportsDay website, but the following snippets seem particularly interesting.

On whether Kevin Sumlin will coach the Aggies in 2016:

In response to your question, at no time have we ever thought about it and discussed it. That's about as clear as you can be.

Coach Sumlin is our coach; we're looking forward to the future. He has done not only from a competitive standpoint but an academic standpoint all the principles that we think Texas A&M represents he represents.

On QBs Kyle Allen and Kyler Murray tranferring before the Music City Bowl:

There's myriad different reasons why they are leaving. ...Students have changed, but what's probably changed more is parents. And parents have changed a lot, whereas before if a situation comes up they would tell the student athlete "no, you're not coming home.' Now there's a lot of involvement with parents. Sometimes you've got to separate the umbilical cord. I'm talking about all sports.

On the future of Aggie football:

We're looking forward. The whole football program is moving forward. Kevin Sumlin is the captain of our ship and the future looks good. Where we are in position football-wise, we're in a very strong position.

For much more, check out SportsDay.

Eric Hyman's public backing of Kevin Sumlin at this time is not terribly surprising. Amid rumors that Sumlin may be looking for an NFL move, it is prudent for the athletic department to express support. The dominoes should have fallen differently if Sumlin does not have at least one more season at A&M. Yesterday, the Aggies and offensive coordinator Jake Spavital parted ways. No replacement has been named yet.