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Daily Bull 1.30.16: A&M vs. ISU Hoops


Gunnar Rathbun-USA TODAY Sports

BTHO TORNADO BIRDS. Today's the day of a great Big 12/ SEC match up (those exist) with #14 Iowa State coming down to College Station to defrost and eat something other than chicken and corn. I hear that the Reed Rowdies have planted a small crop of corn inside of Reed Arena that has grown to three foot. This will lull the Iowa State players into a sense of false security, being surrounded by familiarity. Then the Aggies will pop up out of the corn to frighten the players and cause a series of major mistakes allowing the Ags to take the win from them. It's simple but the best plans are. Follow and comment with your fellow basketball fans on the game thread and watch on ESPN at 1PM. Whoop.

NEED MORE BASKETBALL? Wowzers is this the day for you. With most SEC teams playing the Big 12 today, you can plop on your couch today and soak it in while you forget that this sport is not football. Biggest games today will be A&M and Iowa State of course, but LSU is taking on #1 Oklahoma and we can have hopes that they will win because it will at least make us look way better. Same with Kentucky facing #4 Kansas. Georgia is playing a less significant #17 Baylor, but everyone is happy when Baylor loses. Go Wildcats and Bulldogs.

Full SEC/Big 12 Schedule

  • #9 West Virginia vs Florida - 11 AM - ESPN
  • Vanderbilt vs Texas - 11 AM- ESPN2
  • Ole Miss vs Kansas State - 1 PM - ESPNU
  • Tennessee vs TCU - 1 PM - ESPN2
  • #14 Iowa State vs #5 Texas A&M - 1 PM - ESPN
  • Texas Tech vs Arkansas -3 PM - ESPNU
  • #1 Oklahoma vs LSU - 4 PM - ESPN
  • Georgia vs #17 Baylor - 5 PM - ESPN2
  • #20 Kentucky vs #4 Kansas - 6 PM - ESPN
  • Oklahoma State vs Auburn - 7 PM - ESPN2
RECRUITS ARE IN AGGIELAND THIS WEEKEND. High profile QB recruit Tate Martell made the journey from Dorne to College Station yesterday and will be at today's basketball game. You are being informed of this to be aware of him and to avoid him and other recruits at all costs. Unless they talk to you, don't talk to them. It's just better this way. But if for some reason Tate and his buddies are reading this: PLEASE LOVE A&M AND PLAY FOOTBALL HERE, IT'S GREAT.

Whoop, big weekend. Hope you have a good Saturday.