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Daily Bull 1.22.16

"Well I might go crazy, I might go to Mexico
You're too far away as far as I can see
I'm just a lonely gringo, a lazy desperado
Oh, Mexico or crazy it's the same to me..."
- Jason Boland & the Stragglers

John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

Well hey, y'all. I just got back from a spell in Olde Mexico. I was on my honeymoon (got married! To a girl!) and honing my taeks. What did I miss while I was away?

AGGIE HOOPS OWNS AGAIN. I'm class of 2006, so where most of my soul was destroyed by one Dennis Wayne Franchione, I also had a front row seat to the meteoric rise of Aggie hoops under Billy Gillispie. As you all know, the winter and spring in Aggieland is a dadgum ball when the hoops team is good. A&M will always be a football school, but our fan base can make a truly wretched basketball venue a rocking fiesta when things are rolling. Also of note - the very best Aggie hoops analysis you'll find is happening right here on Good Bull Hunting. We're fortunate to have a team of writers that know the game and churn out excellent content. To wit, here's a nice snapshot of where things currently stand in the Southeastern Conference.

REPLACIN' DEM Q-BEES. Out with the bad - in with the good. Sumlin continues to replenish the quarterback depth chart with fellas that seem to lack diva dads. Kinda cool?

Quarterback Nick Starkel out of Argyle, Texas commited to A&M on Thursday. Starkel is a big, pro-style quarterback. He's rated as one of the better QBs in Texas by the recruiting services (more on them in a minute). Starkel chose A&M over the likes of UCLA, Oklahoma State, North Texas, and Yale and I defy you to find four more different schools on earth than those. Nevertheless, welcome to Aggieland, Nick! We're just like Yale.

MORE WELCOMES. A handful of new Aggie footballers enrolled in classes this week:

  • Former OU quarterback Trevor Knight
  • Running back Trayveon Williams
  • Kicker Braden Mann
  • Offensive lineman Colton Prater

RECRUITING #INDUSTRY - STILL WEIRD AS HELL. I landed back in Houston last night and immediately opened up Twitter like a dickhead with no perspective and discipline. While I was somewhere over the Gulf of Mexico, all kinds of stupid, hilarious off season shit was going down. To recap:

  • A no-name TexasEx journo in D.C. was trolling Aggie Twitter (the easiest troll job there is, to be frank)
  • An A&M recruiting #insider #industry #mogul was chasing some drunk rabbit down some hole and tried to summon the support of All-Everything Texas freshman Malik Jefferson. It backfired! Horribly!
  • Other stupid shit.

If you have no idea what I'm talking about, I admire you with all my heart. You have perspective. Your values are in order. College football recruiting is creepy, gross, exploiting, and sleazy. The guys who cover it for a "living" take themselves more seriously than the heads of the Pentagon. Even more bothersome is that there is a market for recruiting service information. People actually pay for this nothingness horseshit. Crystal balls are consulted to predict the decision making of 16 and 17 year old boys. With zero hint of irony!

As we enter the home stretch of crootin' season, take a breath and realize we all know nothing. Take the $9.99 you spend each month and light it on fire. Or give it to a homeless person. We're all going to be a-OK.

Have a great weekend. BTHO Mizzou.