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SEC Hoops Roundup #1: The view from the top

With one-third of the SEC season behind us, it's time to check in on the neighbors.

Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

Tuesday night's spectacular crowd confirmed what we had been fearing for quite some time: Basketball fever has returned to College Station.

We only have seven home games remaining (and 13 in total), so let's get everyone up to speed on our SEC opposition. We'll list the schools by SEC conference record, and then by descending RPI to break any ties. You can see a detailed explanation of RPI at last year's overall conference preview.

It's time to meet the neighbors.

Tier One: Undefeated teams who wake up in the morning and piss excellence.

#10 Fightin' Texas Aggie Hoops (6-0; 16-2 overall)

RPI as of 1/21: 7 (that's really, really good nbd)

SEC Wins: Arkansas, @MSU, @Tennessee, Florida, @Georgia, LSU

SEC Losses: lol wut

Next Six: Mizzou, @Arkansas, Iowa St (Big XII), @Vandy, South Carolina, @Alabama

In 140 characters or less: Nine straight wins, including six straight in conference. The biggest crowd in Reed Arena history. The biggest student turnout in Reed Arena history. Screw you, self-imposed 140 character limit, I'm not done. This team has the balance, depth, and defensive intensity to win the conference outright.

Tier Two: Good, but they took that L

24 South Carolina Gamecocks (4-1; 17-1 overall)

RPI as of 1/21: 22

SEC Wins: @Auburn, Vandy, Mizzou, @Ole Miss

SEC Losses: @Alabama

Next Six: @Tennessee, MSU, Alabama, @Georgia, @Florida, @Texas A&M

In 140 characters or less: Aside from one big hiccup, SC has been playing excellent basketball. But they need to keep winning because the schedule gets tough soon.

#23 Kentucky Wildcats (4-2; 14-4 overall)

RPI as of 1/21: 17

SEC Wins: Ole Miss, @Alabama, MSU, @Arkansas

SEC Losses: @LSU, @Auburn

Next Six: Vandy, Mizzou, @Kansas (Big XII), @Tennessee, Florida, Georgia

In 140 characters or less: They aren't up to typical Kentucky standards, but they are still headed for a pretty comfortable top four finish and a double bye in Atlanta.

Florida Gators (4-2; 12-6 overall)

RPI as of 1/21: 20

SEC Wins: Georgia, LSU, @Ole Miss, MSU

SEC Losses: @Tennessee, @Texas A&M

Next Six: Auburn, @Vandy, WVU (Big XII), Arkansas, @Kentucky, Ole Miss

In 140 characters or less: Florida can't shoot, but defense keeps them in every single game. The five game stretch after Auburn will shape their postseason aspirations.

LSU Tigers (4-2; 11-7 overall)

RPI as of 1/21: 95

SEC Wins: @Vandy, Kentucky, Ole Miss, Arkansas,

SEC Losses: @Florida, @Texas A&M

Next Six: @Alabama, Georgia, Oklahoma (Big XII), @Auburn, MSU, @South Carolina

In 140 characters or less: Ben Simmons. Ben Simmons. Ben Simmons. Ben Simmons. Ben Simmons. Ben Simmons. Ben Simmons. Ben Simmons. Ben Simmons. Ben Simmons. Ben Simmo-

Tier Three: Can you decide if you are good or not plz thx

Vanderbilt Commodores (3-3; 11-7 overall)

RPI as of 1/21: 51

SEC Wins: Auburn, Alabama, @Tennessee

SEC Losses: LSU, @Arkansas, @South Carolina

Next Six: @Kentucky, Florida, @Texas (Big XII), Texas A&M, @Ole Miss, Mizzou

In 140 characters or less: Vandy is finally back on track. Perhaps this squad (picked 2nd pre-season) will even live up to their potential. We'll find out soon enough.

Georgia Bulldogs (3-3; 10-6 overall)

RPI as of 1/21: 67

SEC Wins: Mizzou, Tennessee, @Mizzou

SEC Losses: @Florida, @Ole Miss, Texas A&M

Next Six: Arkansas, @LSU, @Baylor, South Carolina, Auburn, @Kentucky

In 140 characters or less: Two early doses of Missouri may have propped this squad up. They looked good in non-conference, but have struggled to impress since.

Auburn Tigers (3-3; 9-8 overall)

RPI as of 1/21: 70

SEC Wins: Tennessee, Kentucky, Alabama

SEC Losses: South Carolina, @Mizzou, @Vandy

Next Six: @Florida, @Ole Miss, Okla St. (Big XII), LSU, @Georgia, @Tennessee

In 140 characters or less: Losing to Mizzou and beating Kentucky is some next level unpredictability. Good Auburn is capable of anything, but can that become the norm?

Arkansas Razorbacks (3-3; 9-9 overall)

RPI as of 1/21: 82

SEC Wins: Vandy, MSU, @Mizzou

SEC Losses: @Texas A&M, @LSU, Kentucky

Next Six: @Georgia, Texas A&M, Texas Tech (Big XII), @Florida, Tennessee, @MSU

In 140 characters or less: They've lost to the three most talented teams in the SEC, and the second-biggest stadium in the SEC can't be ignored. They aren't done yet.

Ol' Miss Runnin' Rebels (2-4; 12-6 overall)

RPI as of 1/21: 76

SEC Wins: Alabama, Georgia

SEC Losses: @Kentucky, @LSU, Florida, South Carolina

Next Six: @MSU, Auburn, @Kansas State (Big XII), @Mizzou, Vandy, @Florida

In 140 characters or less: A brutal early SEC slate makes this a deceiving 2-4. I like the way they look, and we'll see them around 6-5 or so the next time we check in.

Tier Four: Uhh....

Tennessee Volunteers (2-4; 9-9 overall)

RPI as of 1/21: 99

SEC Wins: Florida, @MSU

SEC Losses: @Auburn, Texas A&M, @Georgia, Vandy

Next Six: South Carolina, @Alabama, @TCU (Big XII), Kentucky, @Arkansas, Auburn

In 140 characters or less: If Rick Barnes wants to salvage this season, UT can't lose coin flip games from here on out.

Alabama Crimson Tide (1-4; 10-7 overall)

RPI as of 1/21: 44

SEC Wins: South Carolina

SEC Losses: @Ole Miss, Kentucky, @Vandy, @Auburn

Next Six: LSU, Tennessee, @South Carolina, @MSU, Mizzou, Texas A&M

In 140 characters or less: Let's not waste any breath, here. They'll be fine. They can wipe their tears with one of four recent national CFB titles.

Missouri Tigers (1-4; 8-10 overall)

RPI as of 1/21: 160

SEC Wins: Auburn

SEC Losses: @Georgia, Arkansas, @South Carolina, Georgia

Next Six: @Texas A&M, @Kentucky, MSU, Ole Miss, @Alabama, @Vandy

In 140 characters or less: The upcoming brutal roadie to A&M and Kentucky might sink them. It's a long, hard climb back up from 1-6.

Mississippi State Bulldogs (0-5; 7-10 overall)

RPI as of 1/21: 190

SEC Wins: does not compute

SEC Losses: Texas A&M, @Arkansas, @Kentucky, Tennessee, @Florida

Next Six: Ole Miss, @South Carolina, @Mizzou, Alabama, @LSU, Arkansas

In 140 characters or less: MSU is not the worst team in the conference, but they're here on principle until they win. They'll jump up and bite somebody this season.


We're six games in.... and I have one question. Just how good are you feeling about this basketball team?