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The Daily Bull is on Holiday

Better late than never, sometimes.

Justin Edmonds/Getty Images

Howdy. Apologies for the dalliance, but days off come up and surprise you and get you spoiled and next thing you know you're on the tail end of a three-day weekend. Today is a beautiful day, so enjoy it. That long 4+ month stretch to Memorial Day is a beast.

HOOP DREAMS: THE GOOD. The men are 5-0 after stomping a mudhole in a pretty decent Georgia team this weekend. Of course, all rational fans will hold off on getting their hopes up too much because hahahahahahhah we are Aggies what the hell is a rational fan aggghhh

HOOP DREAMS: THE BAD. The women went on the road to take on #2 South Carolina. YOU WON'T BELIEVE WHAT HAPPENED AT THE END. You're damn right I just click-baited a WBB article. It's only January and you have no ideas what depths I will plumb in this offseason.

HOOP DREAMS: THE UGLY. Forward Tonny Trocha-Morelos was arrested on DWI charges on Sunday. The University has not released a statement yet, but typically these types of charges carry a multi-game suspension. This will have a huge impact on frontcourt depth as the Aggies continue SEC play.

HOW ABOUT BETTER NEWS. My quick 5-minute perusal of NFL news just now has revealed that the only important thing that happened was that Von Miller recorded his best dance of the season on a fumble recovery he returned for a touchdown that ended up not really being a fumble but who gives a shit because look