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Daily Bull 1.16.16

"Georgia, Georgia/The whole day through/Just an old sweet song/Keeps Georgia on my mind."

"Yeah, can I get one diet Dr Pepper, please."
"Yeah, can I get one diet Dr Pepper, please."
Randy Sartin-USA TODAY Sports

THE BEST THINGS FROM GEORGIA ARE PEACHES, CHICK-FIL-A, AND PEACH MILKSHAKES FROM CHICK-FIL-A. The Men's Aggie basketball team in finishing off a trip to Athens (not Greece) to finally fill in their punch card with wins over each SEC team since joining in 2012. Bouncyball game started at 1 PM on ESPNU which about 15 people have in their sports package. #NewArmyComplaints

CHELSEA DOMINATES OLE MISS. The women's basketball team gave the Rebels a run for their money in Reed this week. I wonder if Ole Miss forward Shequila Joseph is a Chelsea FC fan after getting a pounding by Aggie Chelsea Jennings. Get it, because she's English? You knew that because you follow collegiate women's basketball that closely, obviously. Anywho, Ags are back in action against Missouri next Thursday in College Station.

PLANNING TO WED SOON? You might be looking to have a low key event that is manageable and still lovely so you're consulting things like APracticalWedding dot com, or maybe something more upscale suits your fancy. But you probably wouldn't have guessed that your favorite podcasters would tackle this topic head on. With nuptials on the mind, the Bullcasters delve into weddings and extravagance. In case you were wondering, thacktor is the only one still available, ladies. He likes long walks in Dallas because it's not that bad and would rather you keep your emotionally unstable dogs away from him. Serious inquires only.

WHY ARE ALL THESE SEATS SO HOT? Paaawwwwl hit a hawt taek yesterday on his show concerning the future of all around good guy, Kevin Sumlin.

The Aggies have had a topsy turvy year, no doubt, but is it enough to consider letting Coach Sumlin go?