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The Daily Bull forgot Seattle did that 12th Man thing too

Aggies do not lie, cheat, or steal, nor tolerate those who do--unless it's sports then we should run some Ocean's 11 level heists.

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CCC Cold Weather

AGGIES NOW KNOWN AS THIEVING CRIMINALS IN KNOXVILLE. If you were watching the men's basketball game yesterday it was an emotional rollercoaster until the Aggies managed to pull away with the resounding win over the Vols. The marked difference from last year *deletes all #FireKennedy tweets* has slotted the Aggies in a position that some people would call "successful". Ags come home this Tuesday to play Florida in Reed Arena. Expect an impressive turnout.

NEED A REASON TO HATE LSU TODAY? The women's basketball team travels to Baton Rouge today to play the Swamp Tiggers. The 7-8 LSU team is equal to the Aggies in their conference play (1-1) with a loss to Alabama. The Tigers have a problem with defense which should be a good thing for the Aggie offense lead by Courtney Walker and her 20+ point game average. Game is at 3 PM on the SEC Network.

THE NFL WAS FUN LAST NIGHT. With a disappointing performance from the Texans, we learned that even when JJ Watt messes up, the crowd will sill love him. The Bengals-Steelers game became entertaining at one point so maybe you should check up on the NFL today because all-time favorite Aggie, Christine Michael is slated to play today for the Seahawks against the Minnesota Vikings. Best of luck to him and all the other Aggies on the team. Game will be on at noon on NBC.