Mississippi State Bell Ringer Rant

Steven Ray, best known to most people as that cowbell ringing guy from the GIF, put out some fire content to hype up this weekend's game between MSU and Texas A&M. Pre-game hate videos don't get much more SEC than this.

Reasons why I felt it necessary to share this video:

1) He went for deep south football super-combo at the end, invoking a superman shirt open, not-racist Hulk Hogan, and a "Dak Attack." It's honestly the best way to close any debate, imo.

2) He's standing in front of a shrine to himself that's filled with cowbells. If this was done by him on purpose to get a laugh - well done. If this is his mom's house, it's even better.


3) The GIF. Just look at it. It's like watching a baby laugh at itself in the mirror. It just makes you so happy.


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