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Aggies in the NFL: Week 2

GBH highlights the top Aggie NFL performers in Week 2

This week was all about Johnny, but our other Aggies in the NFL were still plugging away. Let's get to it.

5) Josh Lambo (2/3 FG's; 1/1 XP)

Lambo hasn't been 100%, but he has generally rewarded the Chargers faith with two straight solid weeks. Long live #KickerU

4) Ryan Tannehill (30/44 for 359 yards; 2 TD's)

Tannehill had a pretty good day, but it wasn't enough to prevent a loss to the Jacksonville Jaguars. The general theme I see among the Miami faithful is "many things went wrong but at least we have a QB," so it appears they are turning their ire elsewhere. But it's still worth noting... a QB only has so many "good days in a losing effort" they can burn through. It's best that he hold on to as many as he can.

3) Michael Bennett (2 tackles; 1 sack; dancing)

Daylon Mack wasn't the only Aggie destroying offensive lines.

This vine cuts tragically short of the traditional Michael Bennett dance, but it is one hell of an individual effort. Michael also jumped offsides twice (one was called, one gave Rodgers a 'free play' 20-yard completion), but that's just part of the Michael Bennett experience. You take the good with the bad, and you move on.

Random note: Didn't love Michael's non-A&M intro on SNF, but it was hardly a surprise.

2) Von Miller (4 tackles; 1 sack; more dancing than Michael)

Von hosted a party in the backfield and everyone was invited. Aggieland's favorite sack man was a constant thorn in Alex Smith's side for the entire evening, and each hit on the KC quarterback came with a little extra flair. While he was part of three sacks on the evening, the final tally only came to 1.0 (which was a bit unfair). The first hit carried a tiny dance that barely made it on camera, and the last may have impregnated anyone sitting too close to a television... but my favorite hit of the night was the middle child.

This hit came immediately after his first, and you could tell he didn't have a new dance ready to go. And our Von doesn't know how to live in a world in which sacks aren't followed by dances, so he short circuited and stared out into nothingness.

We programmed him to sack, and we programmed him to dance.

But we didn't program him to feel

1) Johnny Manziel (8/15 for 172 yards; 2 TD's; first career win)

We already covered Johnny's Big Day, so I'll just add a quick note. It was great to see him succeed. The talking heads are cranky about how unconventional his big plays were, and there is already word out of Browns camp that McCown may get the start next week. But that's all a discussion for a different day. Johnny Manziel led his team to victory, and it was beautiful. It felt like watching an old friend.

Gig 'em, Johnny.