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Mike Norvell and Jake Spavital: A Good Bull Hunting Interview Exclusive

Mike Norvell, 33, and Jake Spavital, 30, are two of the fastest-rising coaches in all of college football. The two offensive coordinators were kind enough to jump on an imaginary conference call with us this past week.

(This fake interview is not real and fake)

Casey Sapio-USA TODAY Sports

Good Bull Hunting: Guys, thanks so much for taking the time to talk to us this close to the season.

Jake Spavital: No problem, happy to do it.

Mike Norvell: Same here, thanks for having me.

GBH: So can you talk briefly about your coaching influences and how you view your respective offenses from a macro level?

JS: You know, I've been really fortunate to coach alongside guys like Gus Malzahn, Dana Holgorsen, Kliff Kingsbury, and even the guy on the other end of this phone line back at Tulsa under Coach Graham. I've really tried to take a little bit from everyone I've been around and distill it through the fundamentals and practices that I think work best.

MN: Same here, from that Tulsa staff to guys like (Penn State Offensive Line coach) Herb Hand, I really feel lucky to have been around a lot of great offensive minds. We're going to try to spread you out, get to the perimeter, and put the ball in the hands of our playmakers.

GBH: Besides guys you've directly worked with, are there others that have influenced your offensive attack? Guys like Noel Mazzone or even someone like a Hal Mumme?

JS: [Long awkward silence.] Did you say mummy?

MN: I'm not sure I'm familiar with either of those guys, are they current coaches?

GBH: Um, yeah, Noel Mazzone was actually the offensive coordinator immediately preceding you in Tempe. He now coaches in your division at UCLA? Considered one of the godfathers of the one back offense?

MN: Never heard of him.

JS: Actually, I think I may have seen Holgo retweet him once.

GBH: Well, moving on. When you were in college, who were some of the guys you really looked up to in the coaching community?

MN: It feels like forever ago, but my senior year a guy named Urban Meyer took over at Florida, and I remember really liking what he was doing with his power run game. Not totally sure where he went afterwards.

GBH: He actually is now at Ohi-

JS: Oh yeah! I remember that guy, got there when I was still in high school. I'll never forget getting ready to go to practice when we found out Nick Saban was heading to Alabama, that was crazy.

MN: You were still in college when Saban arrived in Tuscaloosa?

JS: You weren't? [Audible laughter.] Dude, you are so old.

GBH: Anyways, what about some of the guys that influenced you growing up?

JS: Most of the greats. I remember watching Peyton Manning when I was in middle school, he was so awesome. Spent most of spring of my senior year of high school rewatching the tape of Tom Brady's second Super Bowl win, that was really inspiring.

MN: Honestly, I just played a shit-ton of Madden '05. Opponents would take New England, and I was all, fine, take them, and then I was all like, guess I'll just take Tennessee and Steve McNair, and then I would DOMINATE that ass.

GBH: That's, ah, that's great. How about gameplanning? What are some of the main things you focus on the week leading up to Saturday?

JS: Mike, you would not believe what Kingsbury is swiping right at. Let me text you this.

MN: Coach Graham yells. Like, a lot. I mainly try to avoid any meetings he's in. /Whispers to Jake Send me that!

GBH: Well, I guess this has been . . . informative on some level. Thanks again for taking the time to sit down with us, and we wish both your teams best of luck this upcoming weekend.

JS: Hey thanks, feel free to hit me up on Snapchat at SpavMan30.

MN: Totes same. I grew this goatee so hopefully I wouldn't get carded as much.