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GAMETHREAD: Texas A&M vs. Nevada

Conference ball starts next week. Time to make sure everything is tight.

Thomas B. Shea-USA TODAY Sports

Men. MEN.

Take a knee.

Men, it's game day. I want you to think of July. Nightmare, right?

The heat.

The humidity.



We were starved for days like today. TO HIT SOMEONE.

Men, I want you to hit. I want SPEED. I want your pad level LOW when you attack the concession stands and berate the feeble volunteer who COASTED this summer.

Today is your day. GIF. TAEK.

Own Northgate after the game with merriment and revelry. Buy an Ag a drank.

It's a damn good day to be a Texas Aggie.

Beat the hell outta Nevada. This is your GAMETHREAD.

Gig 'em.


  • I want the ball to never touch the ground when the Ags are on offense. South Carolina '14 style.
  • I want less than four penalties.
  • I want ZERO turnovers.
  • Stay healthy.
  • Speedy time. Go big, young bad ass.