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Daily Bull 9.13.15

We won football in a new shiny place. It was pretty good.

Thomas B. Shea-USA TODAY Sports

2015 Sideline Shoes now available!

"They're T-Stars for your feet" - @jimmygards

Texas A&M vs. Ball State Recaps

BREAKING NEW GROUND. Referee Sebrina Brunson was marked down as the first woman to officiate a NCAA game involving an SEC team yesterday in College Station. Brunson has had a history of being one of the firsts females in various leagues, and she's a full-time felony probation officer in Georgia. I'm sure officiating is a cake walk for her. I am proud that this event took place with the Aggies playing.

OPEN HOUSE TOURS. Kyle Field will be giving tours today from 2-5 PM for any member of the public (that's you!). If you'd like to go, enter from the west side and get a look at the Hall of Champions and the All-American Club. Try to act civilized. There are rich people who need to use that area next weekend.