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Texas A&M vs. Ball State at the New Kyle Field

Let's take a walk through the renovated digs.

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Howdy, y'all. Hope you enjoyed the early games. Auburn showed incredible poise and grit to come back and beat the Gamecocks in overtime. And Arkansas is currently toying with Toledo, courteously allowing them to foster false hopes with a slim 9-7 deficit. A truly proud day for the SEC West.

Meanwhile in Aggieland, questions abound. Will we see both quarterbacks as often as we did last week? Will we see more Speedy? How many sacks will the defensive line rack up? Will Dave South take down the 12-pound Aggie Hot Dog? Settle in and attune yourself to a few hours of live Aggie Football. Be cool to each other and let's enjoy the show.

ALSO: This week we are trying something new after the game. Go ahead and visit this link to check out our live post-game chat where you can submit questions to thacktor, cuppy, Lucas Jackson, and myself, and we'll stumble through them.