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Daily Bull 9.10.15

"Phish sucks." - Knute Rockne

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"They're T-Stars for your feet" - @jimmygards

PUSH DEM SLEDS, MEN. BUT THIS TIME - TOGETHER. The highly-talented, high-potential offensive line laid a bit of an egg on Saturday. To be fair, Arizona State is one of the more complex blitzing teams the Ags will face all season. That is a tough D to face in Week 1. Regardless - this unit has got to figure out a way to win short yardage battles. Get nasty, work together, get leverage. They know this, and they're committed to rectifying the issues. We have two weeks before shit gets real again.

HIT THE LIGHTS. FILM ROOM STUDY. Our dude Matty takes a deep dive into the x's and o's of A&M's win over Arizona State. A lot of interesting formation and technique takeaways. It'll be interesting to see how the staff builds on the playbook foundation as the season progresses.

FIVE BALLS (LULZ). Wheels over at the DMN rag takes a crack at five things you should know about Ball State. There's a few talented guys scattered throughout, but this is a mediocre MAC team that is too thin to run with the Ags. The focus should be on execution - few penalties, no turnovers, own the line scrimmage, get thrown out of a Northgate bar. All the makings of a nice September Saturday.

PULSING. Sincere salute to 12th Man Productions on their work for this series. Having the ambition to create something like Hard Knocks on such a short production window is admirable. "The Pulse" is a so-so name, but no matter - the content is strong. This week's installment: