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Daily Bull 8.28.15

"Well if you been true... Well if you been true... You better look me in the eyes... All I smell is cheap perfume...and gin...and smoke...and lies..." - Turnpike Troubadours

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"They're T-Stars for your feet" - @jimmygards

QB1. QB2. AND SO IT WAS. Doesn't sound like Sumlin and Spav have much interest in rotating our bevy of ELITE quarterbacks. It's really never been a part of their M.O. Frankly, quarterbacks almost always perform very, very well in their system, so there isn't much need to flip flop. Khan over at ESPN scopes the situation. Pretty simple - unless we blow the absolute hell out of Arizona State (near impossible), we should hope to see a Kyler debut in the second half at Kyle Field. Here's the realistic ideal sitch - Allen has a solid game against Arizona State. We all feel good. He leads us to a 35-7 halftime lead over Ball State. First series of the second half in the shiny new Hate Barn, Kyler Murray trots out to commence his college career. The 12th Man goes apeshit. Alright alright.

WHO'S ON THE MIC? ESPN announced their announcing teams for the first week of the season. The A&M-ASU game gets Brad Nessler, Todd Blackledge, and Holly Rowe. I dig this team because they're total pros and completely secondary and forgettable in the overall scheme of a game. This really is a high compliment. Uncle Verne is that way.

WHEELS IS TURNING #CONTENT. Brandon Wheeland over at the DMN rag (shockingly still in business) takes a look at the five keys things A&M must do to build on 2014. I dig his list. Run the damn ball, reinvigorate recruiting, beat LSU... all good things, gang.

HOPE YOU'RE SITTING DOWN FOR THIS TAEK. Sumlin's players love him. This piece from Yahoo is a great look at the program that Sumlin is developing. "Developing" is the key word here. Much work is still being done. Sure, we have the DJs, the barbershop, the playlists, and the swag, but I believe Sumlin when he says those things do not represent what A&M is really about. Sumlin is building accountability, and the guys are responding. We're so damn lucky to have this dude. We're just scratching the surface on potential.