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Daily Bull 8.27.15

"Yeah, you got satin shoes / Yeah, you got plastic boots / Y'all got cocaine eyes / Yeah, you got speed-freak jive... can't you hear me knockin' on your window" - Rolling Stones

Brett Deering/Getty Images

2015 Sideline Shoes now available!

"They're T-Stars for your feet" - @jimmygards

AIR RAID FRESHMEN. Do you recall what you were like the first week of your freshman year of college? I think I lived off of waffles, soft serve ice cream, Keystone Light (Colorado craft beer OG), and Evan Williams black label. I was like a sad divorcee except I was 18 and happy like a pig in shit. I was not responsible and couldn't be counted on for anything. Point is, the A&M football team is going to be leaning heavy on some freshmen this year. These guys aren't living college like you and me. DMN Wheels takes a peek at who'd you'd think - Kirk and Mack - as well as JUCO transfer Claude George. I just dig having a linebacker named Claude.

2013? WOOF. The 2013 recruiting class continues to be a steaming pile in a September tailgate port-o-can. Cornerback Tavares Garner is transferring. Not a devastating loss, but our program needs all the DB help it can hunt down. As for 2013, Fran thinks we need to watch our attrition.

HIGH CEILING, LOW FLOOR. Man, this season. So many ways it can unfold. Some experts predict we'll win the league. Some say we're gonna finish last. Me? I reckon we'll win a game we shouldn't win and lose a game we really shouldn't lose and we'll be somewhere in the middle. Wheels is at it again and gives his Best-case and Worst-case scenarios.

Yesterday was rotten. You guys, we all like to dick off, be sarcastic, and just be general jackasses, but yesterday was just sad and shameful for humanity. Be good to one another. Much love. To make us happy, I give you one Von Miller doing Vonnie Football things at Broncos Training Camp:

Feelin' it. #Broncos

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