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Daily Bull 8.20.15

"We got justification for wealth and greed... Amber waves of grain and bathtub speed... Now, we even got Starbucks what else you need?" - James McMurtry. Hey, we go to Houston in like two weeks for footbaw.

Stacy Revere/Getty Images

2015 Sideline Shoes now available!

CHIEF AGGRESSION. Felt like the fellas on D were thinkin' too much last year, you reckon? Scheme the shit out of dem boys brains and it's paralyzing. No more. Chief Chavis has brought an aggressive attack on defense. Blitz. Jam. Ram. Pinch. Punch. Boom. Pow. Zoinks. Stop thinking and start hitting. Pissed off for muthafuckin greatness.

VIDEO: DEAR ANDY. We're fans of Andy Staples. The guy breaks up the monotony and tedium of the credentialed media with solid BBQ taeks and some wit. In his "Dear Andy" video column this week, Staples addressed A&M. He thinks them Ags can really surprise.

RUN THE DAMN SPORTS. Oh please. Please please. Let the Ags develop an actual identity and strategy on the ground. Here's hoping the offensive line gets a little meaner and tactical in the aggregate of its parts so we can stretch the ponies of Tra Carson and James White. Keep an eye on White. His small sample size in 2014 was pretty staggering. 7 yards per carry.

THIS IS THE LAST HOOPS YOU'LL HEAR FROM ME IN 2015. We have an SEC schedule now for basketball. Notable dates:

  • 1/2/2016: vs. Arkansas - league opener
  • 1/9/2016: at Tennessee - hey! It's Rick Barnes!
  • 2/10/2016: at Alabama - hey! Most of y'all were committed to A&M in some way at some time.
  • 2/20/2016: vs. Kentucky
Have a bang-up Thursday, gang. Hugs.