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GET TO KNOW A STARTER! Carson, Harvey, and Seals-Jones

Three more! We're rolling right along!

Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports

After the last successful edition of GET TO KNOW A STARTER that yielded all of three RTs from the @GBHunting twitter account I figured the next one had to come out sooner rather than later. Everyone's clamoring for inside information as only Good Bull Hunting can provide. Normally I'd probably quit after the first and cite some excuse for not finishing this project but the offseason is a time of growth and development for everyone, so here I am to work on my commitment issues.

Three more starters down as we make our way towards beating the everliving hell outta Arizona State. And this time let's not go to the bad place like we did in the comments of the last article. This is a positive space and quite frankly I dont have the mental energy or the curse words to reflect on our poor tackling from last year. Plus JOHN CHAVIS!

#5 (Thought he was going to be 8 which would have made for a great nickname in 8 Ball) TRA CARSON

POSITION: Running Back

HEIGHT: 6'0 (1.82 meters)

WEIGHT: 235...wait seriously? 235? And he moves like that? Ok then. Ok.

EXPERIENCE: 2nd year starter, transferred from Oregon in 2014. Still plenty of tread on the tires. DO YOU HEAR THAT JAKE. THERE'S STILL PLENTY OF TREAD ON THE TIRES.


STRENGTHS: Combine the sheer velocity of a speeding bowling ball with the acceleration of cheetah. Can hit the corner like a GD boss despite being 200+. Most similar to a 2015 Chrysler 300. Wide body sport sedan that you can carry your family in but with a 5.7 liter V-8 engine and 363 horsepower. I know nothing about cars but that seems good. Also had the good sense to leave those hippies in Oregon and come back home.

WEAKNESSES: Too unselfish. To the point where coaches said last year "hey Tra let's run the ball 20 times this game because we know you can handle it and because you average like 5 yards a carry" to which he replies "no. my teammates deserve recognition too. we should throw it 40 times. it is the only way"

PROJECTED STATISTICS: [from our mouth to God's ears]. 12-15 carries a game. First 1k rusher since Cyrus Gray in 2011. All SEC mention. Please?

RELEVANT SOCIAL MEDIA ITEM: I dont know what happened on this run, but I do know how it ended...with Tra Carson (235 pounds!!) running all over the field


(I think he's gonna start at least)

POSITION: Defensive Back

HEIGHT: 5'10


EXPERIENCE: Saw action in every game as  a true freshman last year and ended the season with 14 tackles, including 10 solo. Returned some punts last year as well. Was a 4* player out of high school. Lots of talent.


STRENGTHS: The kid has talent. He was a do everything kind of player in high school and has had some difficulty transitioning to playing CB in college...but it's undeniable that the talent is there. Good hitter, good closer. Will be in the mix at returning punts. Chose us despite taking a late secret visit to Austin. Also decided not to transfer to OU this summer so he must really like us a whole lot.

WEAKNESSES: Name too nondescript. Desperately needs a badass nickname to enhance his Nick the Hitman Harvey. I kind of like that. So weaknesses are the nickname thing (which I think we solved pretty well) and overall lack of experience.

PROJECTED STATISTICS: Will start at least half the games this season. Will get at least 2 interceptions and will average 15 yards per punt return. Will maybe play some nickel. Will come back as a Junior and absolutely tear it up.

RELEVANT SOCIAL MEDIA ITEM: Watch his hudl highlights. He's really good


POSITION: Pterodactyl-like Wide Receiver



EXPERIENCE: 10 starts as a medical redshirt freshman. 49 catches for 465 yards. Multiple mismatches and headaches caused for defensive coordinators.


STRENGTHS: I mean what can't this guy do? He's 6'5 240 and runs like a damn deer. Put him in the slot and match him up with a smaller (and everyone is smaller) DB and let him go to work. He's like a gazelle with the ball if the gazelle was bigger than every other jungle animal and better at football. If offensive coordinators could design the perfect WR it would be RSJ.

WEAKNESSES: Is also trying something new with his hair

But to be fair I'm pretty sure all of us tried something different with our hair in college. I tried the whole sideburns goatee thing and looked so much worse than Ricky does. So Ricky, keep doing you my friend.

PROJECTED STATISTICS: Jeez. All the catches. All the yards. All of the blocks. All of the mismatches. Muschamp will lose at least 7 hours of sleep wondering how to defend him. At least one post victory grimace from Steve Spurrier in the post-game press conference. I dont think it's unreasonable to expect him to get about 800-900 yards this year..................................................per game. Will probably consider going pro after this year but will come back for a spectacular junior season.

RELEVANT SOCIAL MEDIA ITEM: What better way to get to know him than a Q&A session with @aggiefblife

So there you go! 6 down and only about 20 more to go. Share any relevant facts related to the players listed here in the comments. Thanks for reading!