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Daily Bull 8.14.15

"Well the G men, T men, revenuers, too - searchin' for the place where he made his brew / They were lookin', tryin' to book him, but my pappy kept a-cookin' --- Shh, white lightnin'" - George Jones

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

FIVE TAEKAWAYS. Our man at the Dallas Morning News, Wheels, outlines some observations from Fall (lulz) Camp media days on Thursday. Among them - the confidence seems palpable and genuine. Sumlin isn't dancing around expectations. Tomorrow the fellas get out of drills, put on some pads and get to hitting. We're getting mighty close, y'all.

KHAN AT ESPN: 9 WINS. Our other buddy on the beat, one Sam Khan, has his full preview write-up on the Ags 2015 campaign. Khan predicts a 9-3 regular season for the Ags. SMDH why does EsiPN hate the Ags brb typing a TexAgs manifesto. Khan thinks the Ags' biggest game is LSU. That one will be interesting to be sure, but for me, it doesn't get bigger than Arizona State (is the D made of something other than tissue paper?), Arkansas (but seriously, can the D get kicked in the mouth and not die?), and Alabama (we better be fucking pissed after 59-0).

BOY HOWDY THAT QB DEPTH. Let's meet those quarterbacks that round out the depth chart, shall we? This is just a little too close to A&M's situation.


I could watch the guy run the football forever. Give 'em hell, Johnny. We're pulling for you.