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Daily Bull 8.13.15

"I lost a friend. It felt like five, a man who wouldn't compromise. I'll think of him on New Year's Day and do the Chicago promenade." - Jason Isbell

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

EUROPEAN VACATION. The basketballers are taking their fanciful, unpredictable game of hoops across the pond. The fellas are heading to Italy and Greece where I presume Billy Kennedy will stick to consistent meals of McDonalds. Sure hope the Greece greasy vibe doesn't rub off on our guys. Not really a grinding, lunchpail country nuhmean?

FOOTBAW STARTERS. Gotdamn we're almost there, aren't we. So hot. So miserable. August just blows ass. Here - read up on some of the starters on this year's team. We got some studs.

CORCH SPAV SAID THE J WORD. Welcome to campus, young Kyler. You've been here all of 15 minutes. Do you mind if we start drawing comparisons of your practice performance to that of the best player in school history? Don't get skeered now.

WANNA WATCH SOME PRACTICE? Damn right you do. Oh, and check it out - it's GRATIS. No subscriptions at this country club.

Have a bang-up Thursday, kiddies.