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Daily Bull 7.9.2015

"Your cheatin' heart... Will make you weep... You'll cry and cry... And try to sleep... But sleep won't come... The whole night through... Your cheatin' heart will tell on you..." - Hank Williams

Marvin Gentry-USA TODAY Sports

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THE ASSOCSH STOOD STILL. Let me check my bifocals, gang, that must have been BILL RUSSELL choosing between the Clippers and Mavericks last night. We were all on pins and needles and twitter. Mavs fans clung desperately to what they thought was theirs. AND THEN. In a twist of fate, a young, worshipped multimillionaire changed his mind. THE NERVE.

Y'all. DeAndre Jordan ain't even that good. Twitter was losing its shit last night over a guy who has averaged 8 points per game for his career. He's done nothing to show he could be a viable #2 on a team - let alone a #1. As the brilliant Charles Barkley once said about DeAndre Jordan:

If you locked him in a gym by himself overnight and told him he couldn't dunk, he'd have 6 points in the morning.

BUT LET'S CHILL. Man, some of the Aggie/Maverick Fan vitriol. You'd think Jordan sold our nuclear codes to Putin. DeAndre Jordan is not the first Texas Aggie to ever waffle and go back on his word with his career. So dial down the sanctimonious, classy fart-sniff boasting that a TRUE Aggie would never do this.

Now, let's go back to not really caring about the NBA.

WHEEL'S 5 THINGS AT SECMD. Our amigo Brandon Wheeland lists the five things he's scoping for the Aggies at the Southeastern Conference's football Media Days next week in Birmingham. All Many reporters are lazy oafs, so buckle up for some very predictable questions to Sumlin and company. As is now tradition, Sumlin will have to answer questions on Johnny Manziel and the University of Texas until the end of time. Look for said journalists to eat chicken fingers all week. These guys think ketchup is a vegetable.

HOTTER THAN A FURNACE FAN OUT IN ARIZONA. It behooves me to take off my maroon monocle from time to time and read the musings of what the competition thinks of Texas A&M. The really solid SB Nation Arizona State site House of Sparky sized up our Ags yesterday. Give it a read.