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Projected 2015 Texas A&M Depth Chart

Farmboy, get me the 2015 Fightin' Texas Aggie Depth Chart. AS... YOU... WISH...

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Ladies and Gentlemen,

The newly updated and unofficial Good Bull Hunting 2015 Aggie Depth Chart is here, given what could be gleaned from several recruiting sites, message boards, and well, Google.

Please notice that no freshmen are listed as starters.  It is a general rule with this visual depth chart to wait until the first week or so of "August Camp" to get underway before freshmen start moving up the depth chart.  The guys in the darker beige color were here in January (early enrollees), while the newcomers marked in more of a gold hue are the freshman and recruits who enrolled in classes this summer (that's everyone from this recruiting class by the way; they are all in).

Constructive criticism to this depth chart is welcome, as the information presented was a best guess based on what is known or was able to be researched.  However, some of the positions (especially linebacker) are going to be muddy until some of these young men establish themselves as clear-cut leaders and starters - so if there appears to be a guy out of position completely, apologies all around.

It is known, a lot of you are going to ask about Daylon Mack, but please read above about the general rule on freshman - also, he has been penciled in here as a 1-tech because he's a little wrecking ball and we have a 3-year starter at the 3-tech.  Christian Kirk is behind Sabian Holmes only because, again, it's a general rule not to put freshman as starters until practice reports start trickling back to the fans.

On kick returner and punt returner, the guys listed are a best guess based who possesses speed and youth.