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Daily Bull 7.26.15

Cash for Gold!

Kyle Field this morning. Looking very nice.
Kyle Field this morning. Looking very nice.
JA Clark

2015 Sideline Shoes now available!

PERSONAL FOOTBALL FINANCES. The extra cost of attendance stipend for scholarship players goes into effect next week and Texas players are making note of how they will make use of this extra funds here. But the real quandary is why Texas Tech has a $5,100 cost of living while A&M has $2,706? (I lol'd at how wrong that is and I trust none of those numbers. I'm going to send my $5,200 tuition bill that I'm about to be charged for this month to them with just a recording of hysterical laughter.)

GOLD! Shamier Little sweeps the Pan American games again by winning gold for the second time in the 4x400 relay for the United States! Her first gold this games was in the 400 hurdles. Whoop. She adds to the Aggie medal count along with Simone Facey's individual bronze from yesterday, but don't count Facey out, she ran the 4x100 relay for Jamaica, securing a silver medal finish for her team. Awesome Aggie athletes!

PRE-CAMP QUOTES. Sumlin and Chavis give a stream of soundbites this week that you can peruse over and contemplate until football actually starts.

Here's a nice picture of the prettiest of Hate Barns.