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Daily Bull 7.25.15

It's too hot for anything. Stay inside and read blogs.

Aggie Zen Garden now in Kyle Field.
Aggie Zen Garden now in Kyle Field.
12th Man Foundation

HEY TENNIS STUFF. Sophomore Jordi Arconada of the A&M Men's Tennis team was one half of the doubles championship team for the Lewis and Clark Pro Tennis Classic in Illinois. Arconada and his partner Dominic Cotrone of South Florida took the title in 8 matches defeating a doubles team from Duke and Santa Clara. Arconada adds to the tennis trophy room with this years SEC Championship.

PAN AM GAMES. Katniss Everdeen has returned to the Capitol to take on her nemisis--oh. These are the Pan American Games. Hmm. Should be just as entertaining since Aggies are being awesome in them. Former student Simone Facey '09 cashed in with the bronze in the 200m for Jamaica. Sophomore Shamier Little started the 4x400 relay semifinals for the United States defeating Jamaica and Canada. Games finish up today.

IT'S HAPPENING. If you haven't dedicated a monitor at work for the Kyle Field Construction Cams, then you might want to take a gander today. Kyle Field is starting to actually be a field with the base layer of soil being put down now. It looks a bit sparse but the team will be having a Junction Throwback scrimmage later this week. Goatheads will be placed tomorrow and all the salt tablets you want!