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Daily Bull 7.24.15

"Freedom's just another word for nothing left to lose." - Kris Kristofferson

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

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HEART OF STEELE. Noted stenographer and agoraphobic Phil Steele released his Power Poll. It's some algorithm cloaked in a chastity belt that measures teams' overall talent. It's right like 30% of the time making it a leader in this #industry. Phil did himself no favors by ranking the Ags 32nd in this ironclad metric. Behind the Horns no less. There is an ample sect of Aggies that really feel the world is out for their demise. "ESiPN", democrats, ebola, tasteful architecture, etc. All of these things are perceived enemies of all things Texas A&M. Add yourself to this list, Phil Steele. Buckle up for some sternly worded emails and the best online traffic numbers you've had in months.

SO FASCINATING AND HORRIFYING. Change is really hard for humans. Take it from someone who used to think beer served as hydration. In a scenario that generally should never occur at a major college football program, the shift of Brandon Williams from tailback to cornerback is pretty massive. If this somehow works, Sumlin and Chavis are going to be lauded as conquering heroes. For me, so much of 2015's potential success is riding on this. Arizona State is going to put a laser focus on Williams as soon as he steps on the field. Let's see what you got, B-Will.

GRIND ON, #INDUSTRY. In a narrative that would appease Chicken Little, ESPN recruiting is bemoaning the slow start of the Aggies for the 2017 class. That's right. A&M hasn't gotten verbals from enough guys who just finished their sophomore years of high school. WHAT DO YOU HAVE TO SAY FOR YOURSELF, SUMLIN.

STRETCH OUT THE PONIES. Such an embarrassment of riches at wide receiver for the Ags. We got Speedy and RSJ. We got a guy that somehow feels criminally underrated that might be an All-American in Josh Reynolds. We also have this true frosh specimen in Christian Kirk that looks poised to shred. Khan at ESPN examines.

Have a helluva weekend, you guys. Six weeks to go.