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Daily Bull 7.23.15

"I've always had a bottle I could turn to... and lately I've been turnin' every day... but the wine don't take effect the way it used to... and I'm hurtin' in old familiar ways..." - Merle

Jeff Blake-USA TODAY Sports

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POWER POWER PEW PEW PEW. Power rankings work well in our ADD, opiate-addled, cellphone-addicted society that has traded books for listicles. It makes the taeks much more convenient and rapid fire. In the effort to shove as much content into the ether as possible regardless of quality or relevance, CBS Sports opted to release SEC Basketball power rankings in July. Good news! The Ags are somehow second. You'll recall that Billy Kennedy vowed that the 2015-16 squad will make the NCAA Tournament. Really aiming high. Also, a big brazen prediction considering everyone - including Kennedy's mother - knows he's out if they miss the Dance. Carry on with your off season.

THE COLLEGE FOOTBALL DRUNK SPECTRUM. EDSBS prepares us for drunk fans in 2015. A&M is not mentioned. I will say, I've traveled near and far and Ags are pretty good drunks. Not a lot of scraps and the like.

WHEELS TALKS SECONDARY. Our buddy Brandon Wheeland takes a look at the A&M secondary for 2015. I think these cats are going to be all right. Maybe. It's hotter than hell and I'm thinking loony shit these days.

OPEN-ENDED POLL: The heat index is going to get well over 100 in much of Texas this week. What the hell do you do to stay cool? Share in the 'mments.