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Kevin Sumlin ESPN Carwash Schedule: Tuesday, July 21

Coach Sumlin will be all over ESPN TV and Radio tomorrow.

Marvin Gentry-USA TODAY Sports

Here is the complete schedule of Kevin Sumlin's ESPN Carwash on Tuesday. All times are central.

Kevin Sumlin Carwash Schedule

9:00 AM SEC Network Roundtable

9:30 AM SECU

9:50 AM Joe Schad / Brett McMurphy

10:10 AM ESPN Images Photo Shoot

10:20 AM ESPN Digital Video - Heather Dinich

10:40 AM Freddie Coleman Radio

10:55 AM ESPN Print / Digital Media Interviews

11:15 AM His & Hers (Live)

11:40 AM Sportscenter (Live)

12:00 PM E:60 (Taping)

12:20 PM Paul Finebaum Show (Taping)

12:35 PM College Gameday (Taping)

12:45 PM Championship Drive Podcast