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Daily Bull 7.17.15

"One year later I left Houston With an old friend by my side Well it did not say much But it was a beauty Of a coal black .45 And the lights of L.A. County Look like diamonds in the sky When you're driving through the hours With an old friend at your side" - Lyle Lovett

Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

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HEAR YE HEAR YE THE JOURNOS HAVE SPOKEN. If there's anything frumpish-keepers-of-the-newspaper-industry-spirit love it's perceived POWER and INFLUENCE. For instance, check the humblebrags on Twitter around Heisman time when these guys slide in a mention that they DO in fact have a vote in the SACRED trophy. Anyway, these Dockers-clad pencil pushers picked the standings of the SEC this year. Alabama will win the West but Auburn will win the league. Sounds about right. The Ags were blessed with the 6th place slot in the West. OOF. Legit though - that's our floor this year. That's a totally plausible outcome. The good news? Our ceiling is possibly Atlanta. This season could be kick ass.

THE GRASS EATER TALKS CHIEF. (been sitting on that headline for quite awhile). Les Miles addressed Media Days yesterday and of course was asked about John Chavis. Miles seems to still be somewhere in the bargaining/denial stages. Hard to blame him. It was a pretty insane coup by Sumlin. A&M desperately needs some bad blood with a program that we, you know, play football against. This will be fun.

GET WELL, JAY. Speedster tailback James Bradford has been pulled from workouts with an undisclosed medical condition. Many think Bradford is the fastest guy on A&M's roster. Here's praying everything works out for the young man.

WHY NOT US. Friend of the blog, Andy Staples, sat down with Finebaum at Media Days and talked A&M. Auburn is getting all the buzz, but A&M is in a very similar spot - lethal offense, shoddy defense, big time new DC.

Have a great weekend, gang. We're almost there. Hugs.