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Daily Bull 7.16.15

"I got some ocean front property in Arizona... from my front porch you can see the sea... I got some ocean front property in Arizona... if you'll buy that, I'll throw the golden gate in free." - King George

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

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GIFS: LIKE WORDS BUT NOT SHITTY. Know how I know the GBH "readers" hate words? I see our traffic numbers. I love y'all, but if it ain't a photoshop or a GIF, it's just too much mental heavy lifting. One Nick Saban did what he hates most yesterday - get out of a film room and talk to slovenly journos - and we made GIFs with internal monologue.

MEDIA DAYS. HUH. WHAT IS IT GOOD FOR? Absolutely nothing. Say it again, y'all. EXCEPT, that our old buddy Bert let the word "exotic" fly in a football interview in a sterile ballroom full of oafish scribe diabetic candidates. What's more, Bert used this word to describe taking a knee during his pantsing of the Horns. Bert, as a thank you, we got the GBH Adult Erotica authors to pen some missives.

EXES AND OHS AGAINST DEM SUN DEVILS. Oh boy. We're getting close, gang. I watched some football highlights last night and felt it move. Arizona State is a tricky, talented squad. Ian Boyd at the mothersip ship examines the nuts and bolts of the match up.

PSA: DON'T HIT WOMEN. Related to news above, Arizona State gave the boot to touted JC transfer linebacker Davon Durant on Wednesday. Durant got a misdemeanor for domestic violence back in March and got his sentencing yesterday. There's pissing on your future, and then there's lighting your ticket from Kansas JUCO to major college football to the NFL on fire with a blowtorch.

POP QUIZ - WHO'S THE FASTEST PLAYER ON THE A&M SQUAD? Take a guess in the comments. If you do some sleuthing on Sumlin's comments last night at the Dallas Coach's Night - you'll find the answer. I was surprised.

MISC. I had breakfast this morning with former Aggie baseballer Parker Dalton. What a good dude. We cracked wise on all things A&M. His bold taek for the 2015 football team? A record of 9-3.

Have a lovely Thursday, you beautiful scamps.