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Sumlin speaks at Dallas Coach's Night

"I don't think people think very much of us right now, and that's OK. That's why we play the games."

Marvin Gentry-USA TODAY Sports

Texas A&M Head Coach Kevin Sumlin followed up Tuesday's appearance at SEC Media Days with an appearance at the Dallas A&M Club Coach's Night on Wednesday, speaking to the crowd and answering questions.

Sumlin began his remarks by saying that he could say a bit more at this event because he knew all of the media were still in Hoover, Alabama, even though some of us in the audience might post what he says on Twitter. I can't confirm it, but I feel like he shot an angry glance in my direction at this point.

Following his surprisingly good impression, Sumlin said he and Spurrier have become good friends, even after Spurrier called him a "great negotiator." He said putting almost 700 yards of offense on them helped.

Sumlin took a moment to congratulate David Beaty, who left this offseason to become the head coach at Kansas. Beaty had particular success recruiting the Dallas area, and Sumlin took a moment to point out that three Big 12 head coaches are from his coaching tree.

Sumlin spoke about John Chavis, saying he's created a lot of buy-in among the players, and that he talks to them rather than at them. His passion for the game is obvious. He also told a story about getting out of his car at the Bright Complex only to have a guy in a Harley pull up right next to him. As the man removed his helmet Sumlin said, "Chief, is that you?"

Sumlin talked about the youth of his team, how in the Liberty Bowl, he had eight true freshmen playing on defense, and the great thing about freshmen is that they turn into sophomores. He said this is the first year at Texas A&M where he felt like he didn't need any true freshman to come in a and be ready to play (but that doesn't mean they won't play). He also joked about not knowing why we were so nervous about Daylon Mack and Kyler Murray not coming to Texas A&M. The joke elicited no laughter, so he said, " I guess y'all really were nervous."

Sumlin mentioned Kyler Murray taking a week of travel to accept his Gatorade Player of the Year Award and attend the ESPY Awards. Sumlin's response was "OK, that's just another week when Kyle Allen will be getting better."

Sumlin wrapped his remarks by talking about how excited he is for this season.

The evening ended with a brief question and answer session, which peaked with a Clay Honeycutt/Big Brother question and a child doing lightning-round style questions.

Sumlin's tour continues tonight at the Forth Worth A&M Club Coach's Night.