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Daily Bull 7.10.15

Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

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WALL TO WALL AGS - IN JULY! As a fair-skinned Irish lad who made the incredibly fucking dumb prudent decision to move to Houston, I don't care much for July and August. I've got bugs the size of birds carrying super soakers and flying up my ass. It's disgusting here this time of year. And the entertainment options are scant! What am I going to do? Watch a baseball game and wait to die? Tomorrow we get some respite - the SEC Network is showing a full 24 hours of Ags. We even get to watch a lil 2012 game in Tuscaloosa. Listen closely as Gary Danielson muffles his tears as big, boring football gets shredded by #2.

25 MOST INFLUENTIAL PEOPLE IN COLLEGE SPORTS. This is a great read if you're intrigued by the business of college sports. While at Notre Dame, I took a class taught by Jack Swarbrick. He's one of the sharpest people I've ever talked to, and I was struck by how candidly he spoke about the state of college athletics. You'll notice trends through this list - university presidents, conference commissioners, people with legal backgrounds, and football drive all of college athletics.

DEM AGS NEW YEAR'S BOWLIN'? Our bud Sam Khan examines if the Ags have the chops to make a New Year's bowl game.

The GOOD: Ferrari offense, Chief, only three true road games

The O SHIT: defensive depth akin to a Tech cheerleader, linebacker corps comprised of mop handles with buckets for heads

These are the SEC New Year's bowl tie-ins. I also included the participant from this past season. Playoff not included.

Bowl Location Latest Participant
Chick-fil-A Peach Bowl Atlanta Ole Miss
Capital One Orange Bowl Miami Mississippi State
Outback Bowl Tampa Auburn
Citrus Bowl Orlando Missouri

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