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Super Regional: Aggie Baseball takes on TCU. Elimination on the line for Ags.

More Pete Rose. Less Spring Training.

The Ags got drilled by TCU in Game 1 of the best-of-three Super Regional to the tune of 13-4. The Frogs outplayed the Ags in all facets of the game in front of a packed, sweaty crowd at Lupton Stadium.

The good news? It's baseball and today is a new day. Hope springs eternal.

The bad? If the Ags don't get their shit together, an amazing 2015 season comes to a screeching halt with endless "what ifs".


1:15 PM. Going to be a steamer. Apply Gold Bond liberally to the tender parts.

What channel?

The Worldwide Leader - ESPN. Dave Neal, Kyle Peterson, and Chris Burke will be calling the action. Remember - all college baseball color guys have the same resume:

  • Lefty junkballer from State U via Jr. College
  • Seven years bouncing around the most horrible places in America on a bus AKA minor league baseball
  • Wears gold bracelet
  • Drinks MGD
  • Got off the hook for a couple DWIs
  • Loves talking about college pitchers' "stuff"
  • Timeshare investor

Who's on the bump?

The Ags are getting TCU's ace - Preston Morrison (good TCU name IMO) who carries a 11-2 record. The Ags are turning to lefty little engine that could Matt Kent. Frankly, there isn't anyone else I'd want for a game of this significance.

What is @jimmygards looking for? TAEKS.

At it's core, baseball is mostly just organized rest. You don't need to look like you're hustling your ass off to be good. Still, the Ags looked pretty damn sloppy and lazy yesterday. Lethargic fielding while going through the motions. Mentally lazy approaches at the plate. Not seizing opportunities.

It was a stark contrast to TCU's approach. TCU played fast, aggressive, and in a manner that reflected the magnitude of the game.

Ags, do what you gotta do. I offer you this:

Sure, this Rose guy might have a few "foibles" or "issues" in his past, but hot damn did he love baseball. He played each game like he might never have the chance again. Let that inspire your effort today.

Get mean.

Play smart.


Gig 'em.