A&M vs TCU Super Regional Preview


Game One – Saturday 2:00 pm on ESPN

Game Two – Sunday 1:15 pm on ESPN

Game Three – HAHAHA Aggies will not need a third game

When A&M Is in the "Outfield" – You can expect the same thing we’ve seen all year from this pitching staff. Throwing the ball really hard and fast toward the catcher. They can make the ball move too. Fast moving pitches. That’s the best way to describe what this incredible pitching staff can make happen on the mound. The rest of the team will continue to get three outs to end each inning. They did it in non-conference play. Kept it going during the grind of the SEC. And found a way to get three outs each inning last weekend at the Regionals in B/CS. That’s known as a trend, ain’t that right Toad Chuck Trend Man!

When A&M is in the "Dugout and Batters Box" – The Aggies are at their best when they stick with the small ball mentality, all the while swinging for the fences on every pitch. This philosophy would seem to contradict itself, but let’s face it, you can’t win with bunts. My grandmother taught me that. Pretty sure that old lady was my grandmother at least.

The games will be held in Fort Worth so expect the Wacker Backers to be out in full force. Enjoy the games and BEAT THE HELL OUTTA tcu!!!!

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