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Daily Bull 6.5.15

"In the back of a Ranchero, I rode down to Laredo, had a good time at the la posada, yea you know I was left alone. On a rig out of El Paso, rainin' down in Houston, told the truck driver put the pedal to the metal cause Houston gets me down" - Ryan Bingham

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COACH'S NIGHTS ARE REVVING. Sumlin spoke to the Brazos County A&M Club last night to kick off the rounds. Football, y'all - it's coming. Sumlin talked defense, quarterback, etc. He said the quarterbacks should be known as "Kyle, Kyler, and Kylest."

GUIDE US, CHIEF. Really enjoyed this piece from the Sporting News (I know, didn't know it was still a thing either). All pieces and resources are in place. If we put together a defense that is simply not god-awful, we'll play for a 'ship in Atlanta soon.

TICKET WAR. TIP: until you have the physical tickets in your mitts to a sold out event, keep your mouth shut and head down. As it were, the 90,000 Aggies claiming to have jobbed the TCU athletic department is really only like 300. There will be plenty of Frogs in the stands this weekend.

No Fun League AKA No Fart League. Von Miller is paying taxes for ripping ass in the Broncos' locker room. SMH. Is this Russia? This isn't Russia. Is this Russia?


Saturday | 2:00 PM | ESPN

Sunday | 1:15 PM | ESPN

Monday (if necessary) | TBA | TBA

Give 'em hell boys.

OPEN POLL I: Roll Call on who will be actually attending an Aggie baseball game this weekend.

OPEN POLL II: What is the easiest class you ever took in college?