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Hark! Degenerates rejoice! Golden Nugget releases 150 college football spreads

"Follow your heart. Gamble with your heart. Eat at Arby's." - Papa Gards

Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Potential badass GBH sponsor the Golden Nugget has released lines on what it deems the "Games of the Year" for 2015. I know, I was as surprised as you are that people wager monies on college sports.

It's not even July, so expect some of these to swing quite a bit by kickoff, but it's still intriguing to see Vegas' wheels turning. Here are the Nugget's A&M spreads:

Date Opponent Location Spread Gards' EARLY Pick
September 5 Arizona State Houston A&M -3 Arizona State +3
September 26 Arkansas Arlington Arkansas -6.5 A&M +6.5
October 3 Mississippi State College Station A&M -6.5 Mississippi State +6.5
October 17 Alabama College Station Alabama -7 A&M +7
October 24 Ole Miss Oxford Ole Miss -4 A&M +4
October 31 South Carolina College Station A&M -10 South Carolina +10
November 7 Auburn College Station Auburn -1.5 A&M +1.5
November 28 LSU Baton Rouge LSU -7.5 A&M +7.5

No matter the year, I wind up betting a lot of dogs. I like the points. Out of the eight A&M games that the Golden Nugget has set spreads for, the Aggies are underdogs in five.

What are your thoughts? Gig 'em.