BB Update- Clay's First Two Nights

We’ve had the first two hours of Big Brother, and Clay Honeycutt looks to be in fine position. I had forgotten how long these two hours can be, so I may need to take up mid-episode drinking to get through.

Puma Bait—The main storyline


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Looks like the oldest lady in the house, Shelli, is interested in the 23 year old Clay. It also looks like the producers are very into this fact, as it got fairly heavy play in the first hour. He seems to be playing it pretty relaxed, but having a houseguest be smitten is solid for his game play. You also don’t want them head over heels for you, or you become a target or distraction. Ideally, you’d want the girl to be around a 7 out of 10.

How Aggie is Clay? Very

Clay supports bringing Howdy back to prominence on campus, so I support Clay. We got a screenshot of Clay on the field, several A&M shirts, references, and a nice aTm decal on a wall. Like a good Ag, he is representing us well so far.

This week in Clay

  • When he mentioned going to Texas A&M, he dropped a hard "THE" Texas A&M University, not sure I love it.
  • Clay brought a bible with him
  • Clay was the person to ask about the family reaction to the transgendered Audrey. Besides having a semi-confused look when he first found out, he seems to be reacting well
  • Hasn’t mentioned he is a former football player yet, probably a good move to keep the target on his back smaller
  • Smart move to lose the first HoH, even if it wasn’t on purpose. Not normally smart to be a big target early, you prefer to lay low for the first couple weeks if possible.
  • If you are curious, the twin is Liz. She looks very little like her "identical" twin.
  • The Twins



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As I mentioned in the first post, pay no attention to general rules and strategies in Big Brother. They like to rig everything, and this "twist every week" thing is perfect for the producers to keep their favorites around. Based on the diary room cut-ins, Clay isn’t a huge favorite, but he seems to be in a good place. Battle of the Block (too stupid to explain) should help out Clay’s game. If the two people the HoH nominates win, the HoH loses the power. This would motivate the HoH to nominate physically weak players so their nominees lose. While Clay can’t cover a wheel route or catch a small ball while standing on a plank, he is a physical threat.

Nothing too big on the live feeds yet. When they get going, I’ll try to get out the pertinent and/or interesting information.

Now ending GIFs


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