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First 3 game times announced for Texas A&M Football

We're almost there, kiddies.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

On Thursday, the Southeastern Conference announced the times and networks for league games for the first three weeks of the 2015 season.

The Ags will play on television nationally in each of the announced games:

Date Opponent Location Time Television
September 5 Arizona State NRG Stadium (Houston) 6:00 PM ESPN
September 12 Ball State Kyle Field (College Station) 6:00 PM ESPNU
September 19 Nevada Kyle Field (College Station) 11:00 AM SEC Network


  • It is going to be hotter than gotdamn balls tailgating in the NRG parking lot. Perhaps Gold Bond and Dyson can find some business synergies to keep our undercarriages cool and fresh? As a matter of principle, my family and our ancestors loathe domed football, but we loathe disgusting, humid, hot football more. Keep that roof closed.
  • Love that the Arizona State tilt is the first game of the year, in prime time, and on our most fertile recruiting ground. Expect lots of blue chips to be in attendance. If we must play a neutral site game, this is the way to do it.
  • Fingers crossed that the Hate Barn will be shiny, ready, and virtually finished for the home opener on September 12th. Kyle is always a blast at night. Hopefully the boys are 1-0 coming back for this freebie. Is this the game we see Kyler's debut?

In defense of the 11 AM kickoff...

Yes, we all cringe and bitch when we see that 11 AM kick time. It's usually a pretty solid barometer on how the season is going. This is the Purdue vs. Northwestern slot. Kansas vs. Texas. Stuff like that.

I've been rather crotchety and taek-ey lately, so allow me to share what is GOOD about the 11 AM call time:

  • Blacking out in the morning isn't as frowned upon.
  • No nervous pacing around all day while waiting for that 8 PM kick time. Maddening and unpleasant.
  • If you win, it's nice to bask in the win for the remainder of the Saturday. Ags' highlights will show all day on the tube.
  • Former Student lifehack: Northgate is really, really fun at 3 PM after an Aggie win. That is YOUR time to take over your old haunts, recount ridiculous stories, make out with strangers and the like. People don't talk about it often enough, but college bars after a win while it's still light outside are some sort of nirvana.
Seriously though - that 11 AM kick is on September 19th, so it will only be like 93 degrees. If you've lived your entire life in Texas, you should go watch football sometime in a locale that actually has a fall season.

Gig 'em. Tailgate forever.