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Daily Bull 6.18.2015

"Hopefully things will work out where we become friends enough so that he gives me back my bullet." - Billy Joe Shaver, after shooting someone in a bar disagreement

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

BIG BROTHER IS WATCHING. Clay Honeycutt of famed grit and blown coverages is a contestant on one of the oldest reality shows around - Big Brother. I don't watch this show, but both my brothers are obsessed. I ran the Clay situation by one of them and his response, "he'll go far imo". Pretty good taek and forecast. Give 'em hell, Clay. Hopefully you don't have to cover an opponent wheeling out of the backfield.

#INDUSTRY TAKES NO SUMMER VACATION. Our dude oscarwildecat scopes out the latest on the crootin' front for the Texas Aggies. Sumlin keeps reeling them in. If I'm picking nits, more linebackers and less receivers plz.

REALIGNMENT WAS SO DAMN WEIRD. I am disappointed/thankful that GBH didn't exist the summer of realignment. Bill C. over at the mother ship has some great fan fiction on what could have been.