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Daily Bull 6.13.15

Why is it that there's so many songs about Saturday night but none about Saturday morning? Seems like an oversight.

Chase Wolfle at last year's NCAA Championship
Chase Wolfle at last year's NCAA Championship
Texas A&M Athletics

APPARENTLY THERE'S STILL BASEBALL ON. Idk, I guess you could watch if you hate yourself but you're probably a longtime sufferer of BAS and there's many side effects that seem unreasonable to the uninitiated. The schedule in Omaha is here with the first game on at 2 PM with Arkansas vs. Virginia  and the second game on at 7 PM with Florida vs. Miami both on ESPN.

WHO'S THE FASTEST COLLIE IN AGGIELAND? Well, it ain't Reveille. Triple jumper Latario Collie finished as the top Aggie in as runner up in the NCAA Championship meet in Oregon this week. The Men's team finished 6th overall with Oregon winning the championship again. It wraps up today starting at 3:30 PM on ESPN2 with Women's track and field.

WHAT'S THIS? FOOTBALL TALK? I'll take anything and Mr. Wheeland did a little write up on a prospective look at his top five players on skill and speed here.