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Daily Bull 5.8.2015

Snake Farm... just sounds nasty.

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LAST HOME SET FOR THE BEISBOL FELLAS. The Ag baseball team hosts their last regular season home series this weekend. The Cocks are coming to town. There's a lot of postseason positioning in play. Most crucial to take care of business at home - Blue Bell listeria be damned. Here's your schedule:

  • Friday | 6:35 PM | #38 Grayson Long on the bump | SEC Network+
  • Saturday | 2:05 PM | #27 Ryan Hendrix | SEC Network+
  • Sunday | 1:05 PM | TBD | SEC Network+
Give 'em hell, bats.

QB COMPETITION BECAUSE OF COURSE. Surprising no one, the A&M coaching staff is trotting out the tried and true rhetoric on a fair, open quarterback competition. Why not? Light the fire under Allen and let the rook who is wildly unfamiliar with losing take his swing.

DON'T SAY I DIDN'T WARN YOU. Arkansas Pigs scare me this year. Y'all, we gotta be tougher than we were the last couple years. We're a pretty slick Ferrari when things are humming, but we kind of crumple when we go mudding with that monster truck. Make 'em mean, chief.

GOVERNMENT + BILLIONAIRES + MASS ENTERTAINMENT SPORTS = VOMIT. Seriously, this story is just gross. You know how sports entities do that deal now where a soldier surprises their family on the field/jumbotron etc.? Nice, right?Helps distract from the concussions and domestic violence! It's a heartwarming moment if you can look past the NFL's blatant branding effort in all of it. Well buckle up because it's not all happy apple pie America.

According to our parents at Vox, the National Guard has been paying the NFL for this privilege. Millions of dollars. What the fuck. On many levels. Why is the NFL charging for this feel-good in-game experience? Why is it funded by tax dollars? WHY does every damn thing in 2015 have to be tied to branding, ROI, impressions, and metrics. Why is the NFL trying to roll a few nickles out of a super special moment for a soldier and his family?

The NFL would love for you to believe that the Shield led the way when the US stormed the beaches of Normandy. They force feed you Roger Goodell with CGI tears from his Super Bowl luxury crow's nest as the Anthem plays. The NFL gets in bed with the US military because it is good for business. It's a teflon taek for the Shield. I can begrudgingly live with that. I love seeing the happy kids running to see their bad ass soldier dad.

What I don't care for is that this was somehow all negotiated by the NFL and whatever branding experts are in the employ of the National Guard. What should just be a great moment of respite from real life shit in a day of ultimately meaningless sports is basically a Kiss Cam spot sponsored by Jared the Galleria of Jewelry.

Please, Roger Goodell. Stop operating like a psychopath. Just be a human. For once. I'd say the same to our government, but that horse is long gone from the barn. You probably are too.

Have a great Friday, gang.