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Daily Bull 5.7.2015

"Hey, you ask me what I like about Texas / It's Blue Bonnets and indian paint brushes / Swimming in the sacred waters of Barton Springs / It's body surfing the Frio / It's Saturday night in Del Rio! / Driving across the border for some cultural exchange" - Gary P. Nunn

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THANKS BUT NO THANKS MLB. Kyler is for sure Aggieland bound, gang. He's opted out of an early career of bus rides between Spokane and Fresno playing baseball in front of tens. In its place? He has the chance to be a collegiate god and make a name for himself as a dual sport athlete in the Southeastern Conference. Options are nice.

Yet again, Geoff Ketchum and his sources look ridiculous and their internet pomp has suddenly vanished from the internet. #industry

$PONSOR$. You already knew this, but college sports is massive business. Athletic departments typically outsource their sponsorship sales to one of two firms - IMG or Learfield. A&M uses Learfield. These firms are tasked with generating tens of million of dollars annually in renewable contracts. Lappers for Coach Spav imho. Anyway, as it stands right now, A&M is having trouble seeing the terms of their own contracts with Learfield and sponsors. The suits are less than pleased. Anyway, this is amateur sports, so I'm sure everything will be peachy and done for the love of the game.


Have a swell Thursday, you guys.