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Munch Madness: Champion Announcement

Although we've come to the end of the road
Still I can't let go

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The champion of Munch Madness has been determined and we'd like to congratulate Layne's Chicken Fingers, the greatest restaurant in Bryan-College Station, as voted on by our readers.

Final Bracket PDF

Click here to visit our StoryStream to view previous rounds and comments.

Championship Results

GBH champ voting food bracket

Final Bracket

GBH final food bracket

On behalf of our champion Layne's Chicken Fingers, I'd like to post a GIF rebuttal to all of the #TeamTaco comments during the voting rounds.

Italian Spiderman Chicken Fingers

American Psycho Chicken Fingers

Oldman Chicken Fingers

Cage Chicken Fingers

Sumlin Chicken Fingers

Liucci Chicken Fingers

Greg D's Parting Words

Now I'd like to close out the contest with some words from our Yelp friend Greg D. He wrote a cool review of Good Bull Hunting and this contest. He also sent me a message on Yelp after I posted my reaction to the review, and I want to share it here to clear the air and because it wouldn't feel right to leave Greg D. out of this final post.

Cool. Nice response as well.

Personally I didn't name you (cup) as being editorial negligent. But your publication is.

The very basis of the comparisons of different type of foods and allowing non qualified voters is something the community should be aware of if reading your for profit blog like trolling.

You yourself have never eaten at 100% of the places I compared so who are you to even set up voting by non qualified and non verified people to tell you something about something you know nothing of yourself?

Look yourself in the mirror. Do you live in Aggieland and have you eaten at all restaurants?

What I said was honest and I might even do a follow up Yelp review.

(Sitting here scratching my chin and wondering....)

Thanks for being an open minded thinker. This is fun and funny. ;)


Godspeed, Greg D. If we put together a panel to select the field of 64 next year, you'll be the first person we contact.

Thank you all for participating and discussing Munch Madness over the past two weeks. Be sure to leave a comment below.